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From Pet Owners

Shaunae Recently I was in a personal crisis and was out of the home for over 2 months. Through divine intervention my friends were brought together with this organization. I have a 10 month of black lab, who is in training to be a service dog, and I am wheelchair restricted., through Daniela assisted me by placing my precious baby with a perfect foster care home—leaving me free from worry and stress to concentrate on my own recovery. Daniela consistently called me to update me on Shaunae's progress and to encourage me not to worry and to focus on my own recovery. Shaunae and I are now back together at home!! Shaunae has been well cared for, loved and her behaviors are still excellent. I am honored to have received such loving, selfless care and assistance in a time of need. What a beautiful organization and beautiful people!!

Sincerely, Megan

Felix For the past 5 years my health had been declining, and my financial situation got worse and worse. Finally my house went into foreclosure and my life became complete CHAOS. One good thing I had was a social worker who found Foster My Pet on the internet and referred me for help. What help did I need? I had (and still have) a cat named Felix. Felix has been with me going through many emotional ups and downs for 15 years and became my best friend and buddy I could always count on. When I lost the house I had to move into a small one-room boarding situation which would not accept Felix to live there with me. I was heartbroken and missed him terribly—however Daniela had found him a safe and loving home. Even though I could not see him at the time, I could communicate with Daniela and find out how he was doing. Those phone calls were oftentimes the only bright spot in my day. After searching and applying for many apartments, I finally found an apartment that would accept Felix along with me. As I write these words, Felix is sleeping peacefully in my apartment with me and I am not alone. I take better care of my own health because I also have Felix to look after. Foster My Pet has been extremely supportive and—they have shown me there are still good people in the world. I mean every word of this!

Amy—Felix' owner

From Foster Caregivers

Felix Becoming a foster caregiver has allowed us to experience dog breeds we never considered as pets for ourselves before and it has been fun getting to know different breeds and personalities. As a former pet owners, we remember what an agonizing decision it can be to separate from your pet, so we are extra motivated to take the best care possible of our foster pups. And, hopefully, we can send them back with a couple new fun tricks for their repertoire. It's also so great to have the support of Dr. Terri for a professional opinion to help us learn how best to care for the dogs in our charge. There is so much support and love which makes it such a wonderful experience.

—Steve and Kelly

Peyton I decided to try dog fostering for two reasons. One is to help someone to keep their pet when they go through difficult times. The second reason is that I thought this would be a good way to "try out" dog ownership since my two cats passed away of old age and I can't have cats anymore due to an allergy. As an inexperienced dog caretaker I needed some guidance on occasion and had questions about proper care of a dog and understanding dog behavior. Daniela was always available through phone or email to answer my questions and bring me whatever I needed. She even brought over a behavior specialist to help me learn to walk the dog correctly on a leash and answer questions I had. I've had my second foster dog for over a month now and I have decided that I could definitely enjoy owning my own dog someday, he's so fun to have around!


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