Helping Families in Crisis Keep Their Pets

Mission and Goals

Lulu Every day, many animals are surrendered to shelters by their owners because of temporary shortcomings:

  • families and individuals are going through foreclosure and needing to relocate,
  • those who are in need of medical attention which will require living away from home for a while,
  • those who are facing financial difficulties and won’t be able to support their pet for a temporary period of time…


Our Mission is to establish an extensive foster care system for companion animals in danger of displacement from their homes, due difficult economic times experienced by their owners.

The initial project will be a prototype that can be replicated nationwide.

Mission Statement

To help families and individuals in crisis keep their pets.


  • Create local foster caregivers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area who will protect, care for, nurture, and cherish animal companions belonging to others.
  • To reunite those pets with their families after a pre-arranged, limited period of time.
  • Reduce the number of companion animals surrendered to animal shelters due to temporary economic, medical, and financial hardships.
  • Establish programs to serve the community by helping with issues regarding care and wellbeing of pets.
  • Understanding the highly beneficial connections between animals and humans will be the basis of future educational endeavors of this organization.
  • Reach out and encourage the community by supporting families and individuals through educational services, practical advice and useful tips that will help pet owners to enjoy the company of their pets for many years to come.
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